glass_2015Quality” isn’t a word you can use for just anything. There is a standard by which we decide if something has quality. That standard must also be consistently used in order to establish whether something has quality.

Medical care, these days, seems to be getting more “watered down” all the time. We go in to a doctor’s office and we come out none the wiser, just several hundred dollars poorer. We often leave wondering what we got out of it and, more often than not, we don’t feel as though we had a quality experience at all!

It’s a rare thing to have medical care that you know was specifically tailored made for you. But there is a place where it is still happening. The Baucom Institute is such a place. Dr. Karan Baucom is at the helm of the Institute and has determined that her patients will get no less than a high standard of care. “We get lots of hugs from our patients.” That’s just one of the personal rewards that Dr. Baucom has experienced through her private practice  in southern Johnson County, Kansas.

Dr. Baucom spends an hour with each new patient getting to know the patient’s symptoms and complete medical history; that is just the beginning. Dr. Baucom also asks a patient detailed questions about their diet, exercise regimen and sleep habits.

At the Baucom Institute they don’t treat just symptoms; their goal is to determine the root causes behind health issues and map out a treatment plan that addresses the cause.  They take a holistic approach to both diagnosis and treatment. For example, when diagnosing a thyroid issue, normally two or three tests are run.  Dr. Baucom finds that she can make a more exacting diagnosis if she includes nine elements in her testing workup.

Dr. Baucom is Board Certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine as well as in Obstetrics and Gynecology. She has served on staff in hospitals in Kansas, Missouri and Kentucky. In addition, she has taught classes at Truman Medical Center, an affiliate of the University of Missouri – Kansas City. Her extensive medical experience and knowledge has in no way limited her appreciation of alternative healing practices. “We care about people,” Dr. Baucom says. “We are willing to embrace whatever means serves them best to live longer, healthier lives.”

“American society is experiencing an epidemic of gut related diseases,” according to Dr. Baucom. Acid reflux, Crone’s Disease and food allergies are becoming common diagnoses. “The gluten issue is REAL,” Dr. Baucom says. White flour, sugar, genetically altered foods and the abundance of processed foods in our diets are all contributors to this growing problem, according to Dr. Baucom.

The Baucom Institute focuses on increasing both longevity and quality of life. Achieving hormonal balance, for both men and women, is an important part of accomplishing those goals. “All of our hormones work together,” says Dr. Baucom. That’s why she doesn’t simply focus on the male and female hormones that most people associate with aging; all the other hormones, thyroid, insulin and cortisol are important factors in a fully, balanced hormonal system.

Rather than accepting symptoms like fatigue, weight gain, loss of libido and loss of muscle tone as the natural, irreversible byproducts of aging, the Baucom Institute has encouraging news – these symptoms are often the result of hormonal and nutritional imbalance. That means that restoring balance to your body’s internal system can often reverse these symptoms and return much of the vitality lost through diminished hormonal production.

Quality of life can be improved at any age with the right help and resources. And it’s this belief and standard of care that keeps her patients coming back and giving those hugs.

What kind of standard of care would you like to see in medicine?