Case Study: Susan

  • 49 yo CF recent dx of Stage II Breast Ca hormone Rec +,s/p partial mastectomy, body-case-study-baucom-instituteradiation, irregular periods, shingles, intolerant of Fereston due to Headaches, constipated.  Hx of fibroids, heavy periods, fibrocystic breast. G2P2

  • nl vitals,   Estradiol 26.8pg/ml (0-32.2 menopause range)

  • Sed rate 22 (0-20)

  • Cbc, chem, thyroid panel cholesterol wnl

  • Vit D 153 (30-100)

  • GGT 15   Uric Acid 3.2

  • Glutathione 992

  • MTHFR C677+/A1298C+

  • Cytokine: base Il-6++, IL-17+, IL-12–,IFN gamma ++, TNF-a ++, IL-4++, IL-5–, IL-10++, IL-8++, G-CSF++

How would you approach treatment of this patient?


  • Julia Jenkins, NTP

    Hi, my name is Julia Jenkins. I am a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner or just a holistic nutritionist. My first suggestions for this patient would be :
    1. Detox (Include a lots of fiber, like flax seeds and apple ) and Hydration.
    2. Boost immune system with AHCC or Iscador (test individually)
    3. Quit Vit. D for a while and start lower doses after levels come to normal
    4. Vit. C 5,000 UI/day
    5. Thyroid and Adrenals support (Ioderol, Vit. B complex,” Adrenal support” by Gaia)
    6. Relaxation technics: Yoga, walking/jogging, meditation