New Year, New You!


It’s the new year! It’s 2014. A fresh start. A new beginning. At ANY age!

Can we actually reverse the aging process and restore our bodies to health or is all the talk about longevity and restorative medicine just a bunch of hype?

Most people are interested in knowing how to lengthen their life span and create a healthier, happier life at the same time. But the average person deals mostly in putting out fires like when symptoms arrive, going to the doctor and getting some medicine to deal with the ailment.

What if we got in front of the ol’ “8 ball”, so to speak, and became not only a “preventative health” society but a restorative one? Think of the disease prevention we would create in our world and the quality of life we would create!

There are now doctors becoming more interested in this type of medicine. In fact, there are more organizations of doctors that believe in not only holistic medicine but in restorative medicine which are becoming more prevalent. There are also organizations in which MD’s, ND’s, NMD’s, and DO’s are sitting in the same conferences and are collaborating on the idea of restorative medicine.

Disease is rampant and there doesn’t seem be any better answer in dealing with these diseases other than drug therapies, surgery and living out one’s life with the disease. Not any kind of quality of life at all.

No wonder doctors are turning to other answers.

According to AARM (Association for the Advancement of Restorative Medicine) says, “. . . the principle is to actually restore fundamental balance and not simply suppress, palliate, or otherwise superficially treat symptoms. Many endocrine disorders and chronic diseases have a limited possibility to be overcome by conventional approaches.  Restorative Medicine offers new scientific data that leads us not to conform or succumb but rather spearheading the rebirth of restorative health.”

“Chronic diseases have now eclipsed infectious diseases, and the old paradigm of focusing on cures is not working,” according to Harvard Medical student, Sandeep Kishore. He says instead of focusing on medications to treat disease, we should focus on causes and not just treat symptoms.

Dr. Michael Friedman, President of AARM, says “the goal [of restorative medicine] is to repair tissue degeneration, optimize cellular and metabolic function, and build organ health. In many cases, medications can be discontinued altogether over time as health and vitality are truly restored.”

What do you think about approaching your health from a more restorative perspective?