Nutrition – Convenient Yet Effective

1364832703339We’ve been talking the last month about the bacteria, fungi, yeast, etc. that can build up in the gut and how to treat the issues that occur as a result. One of the overarching ways to take care of the gut is nutrition. There isn’t anything more convenient and effective on the market today than Juice Plus+. It is a complete vegetable and fruit supplement in a capsule. It is the actual vegetables and fruits themselves, so the body can process the nutrition just as if you were eating that many foods.

Clinical research has showcased the benefits of adding Juice Plus+ to your diet and it’s those studies that impressed Dr. Baucom of The Baucom Institute to take a closer look at the product and eventually start herself, her family and her patients on it.

The Juice Plus+ Clinical Research that is published in medical and scientific journals can be accessed via


Pubmed is part of the National Library of Medicine of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) . It is one of the most reputable resources for obtaining peer reviewed journals articles.

There are over 20 gold standard studies that have been conducted in leading hospitals and universities around the world.

Because of this substantial evidence, Juice Plus+ stands above the rest in nutrition effectiveness.

How do you supplement your diet? If you are a doctor or nutritionist, what do you use to enhance your patients’ nutrition?

  • Geoffrey Leigh

    Have already submitted comment in brief doctor and whilst we do not have Juice Plus+ in Australia a thousand blessings to you for being who you are!
    I utilise Metagenics HAQ for every patients and believe me over 90% have “leaky gut” a consequence of the American dietary guidelines since 1947 heaving in carbohydrates and of course in no small way the likes of MacDonalds, et al.
    My method of repair has included dietary and supplements consisting of antibacterial/anti-parasitic, Pure Opti (undenatured whey protein isolate and bovine colostrum) plus Ultraflora Restore. And review in four weeks via HAQ the difference never fails to astound the patient.