Nancy Gardner, Office Manager – What It’s Like Working for The Baucom Institute


Nancy Gardner was born and raised in the Kansas City area, specifically in Overland Park. She went to Emporia State Teacher’s College and then went to Emporia State, transferring to KU later on. Nancy got married and had two boys, who are now 35 and 32. At the time her boys were young, she was a stay-at-home mom, but when they went to high school, she decided to go to JCCC and earned a certificate in massage therapy, which lead her to open a massage business in Lawrence, Kansas.

Nancy knew Dr. Baucom at KU when they were both attending school there, rooming in the same dorm. They’ve been friends since 1970, and in fact, Dr. Baucom delivered both of her boys. They’ve always kept in touch even when they’ve moved to different cities. When Dr. Baucom moved to Overland Park and The Baucom Institute was growing, she realized she needed someone in the office that she could count on. She asked Nancy if she would come on board, at first part-time in bookkeeping and then eventually full-time as Office Manager.

On a daily basis, Nancy does all that goes into running The Baucom Institute including office work, answering phones, mailing out supplements, ordering all supplies, managing patient accounts, etc.

Her favorite thing about working with “Dr. B.” is “watching people work on their health, participating in their health care and discovering what’s causing an issue for them and conquering it.” The biggest challenge is helping patients understand that it does take time to change their health, that they didn’t get their health issue overnight and that it’s going to take a while to figure out what the problem is. Nancy said that they strive “to get patients to be patient.”

“I see growth at Baucom, people have become more and more health conscious.”

For the future of The Baucom Institute, Nancy said, “I see growth at Baucom, people have become more and more health conscious. They realize that the important part of keeping your health is that it’s a whole lifestyle. They are becoming more dissatisfied with ‘here take this pill’ and are becoming more educated about taking care of themselves.”

Nancy said that their goal this year, as far as educating and communicating with the community, is moving into social media – Facebook, Twitter and blogging. She said that the more the information gets out to more people, the more it educates them. Nancy said this is what they identify with, and it brings them in to our office.

“Medicine isn’t static; it changes, so she [Dr. Baucom] is continually changing.”

In October, Dr. Baucom will be speaking at the Restorative Conference in San Diego, California, on the topic of using neutroceuticals like “Stress Calm.” Another exciting opportunity is that Dr. Baucom will receive the award for Minority Business Woman of the Year and will receive the award in Topeka in October. Nancy stated that this is a great accomplishment since the award is based on business growth.

All in all, Nancy said that what she loves about working at The Baucom Institute and with Dr. Baucom is, “She’s always researching, and so there’s a continual learning curve. Medicine isn’t static; it changes, so she is continually changing. If she sees something, she calls the patient and relays the information to them. That’s what I really like.”