Reversing the Aging Process


Can we actually reverse the aging process and restore our bodies to health or is all the talk about longevity and restorative medicine just a bunch of hype?

Most people are interested in knowing how to lengthen their life span and create a healthier, happier life at the same time. But the average person deals mostly in putting out fires like when symptoms arrive, going to the doctor and getting some medicine to deal with the ailment.

What if we got in front of the ol’ “8 ball”, so to speak, and became not only a “preventativeenjoylife-849x400 health” society but a restorative one? Think of the disease prevention we would create in our world and the quality of life we would create!

There are now doctors becoming more interested in this type of medicine. In fact, there are more organizations of doctors that believe in not only holistic medicine but in restorative medicine which are becoming more prevalent. There are also organizations in which MD’s, ND’s, NMD’s, and DO’s are sitting in the same conferences and are collaborating on the idea of restorative medicine.

Disease is rampant and there doesn’t seem be any better answer in dealing with these diseases other than drug therapies, surgery and living out one’s life with the disease. Not any kind of quality of life at all.

No wonder doctors are turning to other answers.

oldmanjumpingwaterAccording to AARM (Association for the Advancement of Restorative Medicine) says, “. . . the principle is to actually restore fundamental balance and not simply suppress, palliate, or otherwise superficially treat symptoms. Many endocrine disorders and chronic diseases have a limited possibility to be overcome by conventional approaches.  Restorative Medicine offers new scientific data that leads us not to conform or succumb but rather spearheading the rebirth of restorative health.”

“Chronic diseases have now eclipsed infectious diseases, and the old paradigm of focusing on cures is not working,” according to Harvard Medical student, Sandeep Kishore. He says instead of focusing on medications to treat disease, we should focus on causes and not just treat symptoms.

Dr. Michael Friedman, President of AARM, says “the goal [of restorative medicine] is to repair tissue degeneration, optimize cellular and metabolic function, and build organ health. In many cases, medications can be discontinued altogether over time as health and vitality are truly restored.”

What do you think about approaching your health from a more restorative perspective?

The Facts About Male Andropause

Aging Men

Male Andropause. You may have never heard of it, especially if you are a woman under 30. However, it is a very real and prevalent issue for men, especially after age 40. Let’s start with what it is and then what to do about it.

To put it simply, andropause is the steady decline in the hormone testosterone. It usually andropause_grapheffects men around the age of 40 and continues for a longer period of time, possibly lasting for decades, than menopause with women which can have more extreme effects but over a shorter period of time. Most men think these symptoms are just a part of aging and that they should just accept their fate. They couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, by age 45-55 men can experience the same types of effects similar to menopause.

The effects can include changes in attitude and mood, mild depression, fatigue, lower sex drive, reduced erections, weight gain in the middle, loss of energy, and reduction in physical agility because of the loss of muscle mass.

So what’s the answer? It seems inevitable. It stands to reason that if the loss of testosterone is the cause then the replacing of testosterone would be the answer. True, but how do you replace an organic chemical that the body itself reproduces? This is where the answer and the problem both lie, as if two sides to the same coin.

Hormone therapy has become more common in treating the effects of menopause in women. However, the side-effects have become too dangerous, like when men take Viagra to enhance their sexual performance. It is not a natural component; therefore the body cannot assimilate it without side effects.

man50+Bio-identical hormones have become preferable due to their natural effects on the body. These same types of bio-identical, natural hormones are now available to men as well. The bio-available testosterone not only increases muscle mass and improves a guy’s general well-being, it also lowers cholesterol, enhances libido and sexual energy, and helps prevent pre-mature heart disease.

If you have these symptoms from aging, even if you are just in your 40’s, don’t wait until they are worse. Contact us today at The Baucom Institute to learn from your own “Age Management Plan” what you need at your age.

What are some symptoms you have noticed in yourself or someone else you care about? We would love to hear from you.

Do I Really Need To Supplement?

vitamins-supplements-alternative-medicineIn today’s society the most common medications prescribed are for depression, hyperlipidemia (cholesterol), heart disease, and inflammation. Most of these conditions are thought to be brought about by society’s failure to recognize deficiencies in vitamins and minerals. Certain of these vitamins and minerals, to include those that help glands maintain their integrity and their ability to function, are lacking in the foods we give our children and ourselves. You could not possibly eat enough of the foods you need to give you the nutrition you need. In fact, researchers say you would have to eat 13-14 oranges a day to get enough vitamin C to support your immune system every day!

Harvard Medical School did some research on the issue. They asked clinical dietitian Ellen di Bonaventura, R.D., at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, and Helen Delichatsios, M.D., nutrition educator at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, to find out if women can eat enough food to actually get the nutrients they need every day. “Both di Bonaventura and Dr. Delichatsios say that a woman can’t meet her nutrient needs through food alone even if she eats 1,500 calories (or less) per day. It’s not an issue of food quantity but rather food quality . . . Most experts now recommend a daily intake of 1,000 international units (IU) [of vitamin D], an amount that’s difficult to get through foods or sun exposure (unless you live in the lower half of the United States and spend time outdoors). So plan to take a vitamin D supplement.” (

Supplements are intended to provide essential nutrients that the body needs to function cant-out-supplement-a-bad-dietefficiently. We believe they should be pharmaceutical grade, of the highest quality and in a form that is easily available for absorption. These essential nutrients consist of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and amino acids that cannot necessarily be made by the human body.

The supplement industry is crowded with sales and marketing firms that promote their products as the answer to health related problems. Some of these companies are master marketers that package and promote their products to both consumers and to physicians for sale to their patients. For the average consumer, all of this product hype and marketing can be very confusing when trying to determine what they should be taking to promote health, vitality and longevity. As a nation of consumers we spend a good part of our health dollar with the supplement industry.

Everyone’s level of essential nutrients and needs are different so a personalized supplement regimen should be followed. Independent laboratory certifications of quality, absorption and ingredients should also be established in order to get the best supplements on the market.

What supplements do you take and are you seeing results from taking them? We would love to talk to you about your regimen and give you a health analysis to see if you are taking the right supplements. Contact us at The Baucom Institute.